Conduct undercover investigations without being discovered: Thanks to its compact form, the LTE COVERT communication module disappears inconspicuously beneath your clothing and can be operated comfortably and invisibly with voice guidance and tactile keys. Two-way communication is provided by an invisible hearing aid in the ear connected via Bluetooth or a cable (e.g. Phonak Roger Systems). Since there is no illuminated display, you remain undetected even in the dark.

Unobtrusively hidden under clothing:
the LTE Covert 2-way communication module



  • Undercover investigations
  • Observations
  • Tracking on foot or by car
  • Police investigations
  • Personal security


  • No display: no risk during night time operations
  • No risk of accidentally pressing buttons
  • Voice announcement in 5 different languages. Menu also with voice guidance (DE/ENG/FR/ESP)
  • Recessed grip for tactile operation, PTT keys can be felt
  • Cable anti-kink protection on lower part of housing
  • Robust USB C socket for communication and power supply
  • Compatible with USB C audio device
  • Based on IP67 standard
  • Automatic detection of 4-pin headsets

  • Automatic call acceptance mode
  • Query the number of participants in a conference call from the LTE Covert
  • PIN assignment for external dial-in (PIN is sent to personal mobile phone)
  • Automatic call acceptance mode

  • Network: 4G and LTE (better network coverage)
  • If the network is lost while in use: automatic reconnection and warning tones in case of network interruption

  • Communication between mobile phone and LTE Covert, e.g. SMS with dial-in PIN number and SMS reception to server phone numbers that have not been pre-programmed e.g. person is abroad

  • Easy configuration by the customer
  • Customer can manage phone book entries and conferences by himself
  • Software update via USB interface with login and password
  • 10 hours continuous operation
  • Active notification of battery status in the form of beeps
  • Personal mobile phone reminders when LTE Covert needs to be charged
  • Conference call participation via PIN (numbers stored in the telephone book approved)
  • Telephone blocking in case of theft by calling with a special code
  • Notification as to whether a connection to the server or radio network is available
  • Notification tones and active reconnection to the network (music or announcement text in case connection is dropped)

124 x 70 x 12 mm


Freely configurable

Functions and operation freely programmable, can be adapted according to customer requirements incl. menu navigation

Blind operation

Feedback via voice announcements for all functions and tactile keys enable discrete operation

Long operating time

>10 hours operation with battery monitoring


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Thanks to its in-depth market knowledge and technical expertise in the field of hardware and software, the company own numerous patents on its developments and product innovations. The combination of hardware & software development from a single source avoids interface problems and lengthy adaptation processes. Our services include the implementation of your idea or requirement with conception, planning, prototyping, development through to series production. As a small and flexible company, customer requests and innovations can be developed and realized quickly and easily. In addition, K&J Schmittschneider AG is the distribution partner for the Swiss market for PMR products from pei-tel and SAVOX.


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